After 44 die, immunization from Tetanus stressed in Sindh

With the National Institute of Child Health (NICH) noting that as many as 44 children lost their lives from tetanus in Sindh during 2022, it has been recommended that tetanus immunization should be included in routine vaccination.

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NICH, a non-profitable hospital and research center, said that 75 children with tetanus were brought to center so far this year.

As per data, 38 infected children aged from two to seven years and 36 children aged from seven to 13 years

According to the Emergency Program on Immunization (EPI), 99 children less than a month old. were infected by tetanus during the year. Of these 28 expired.

The pediatricians have expressed concern over tetanus related deaths and maintained that the main cause was the lack of vaccination and awareness about it.

Increase immunization ratio

Pediatrician Association of Pakistan Prof Dr Syed Jamal Raza urged Sindh Health department to increase the ratio of routine immunization from 65% to 90%.

He said routine immunization will reduce the tetanus related diseases among children and youth.

Prof Jamal stressed for ensuring tetanus immunization for pregnant women for health family.

He urged healthcare providers and policymakers to develop and provide effective programs to increase childhood immunization coverage in Sindh.

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