Daughter killed by father in Karachi for marrying the man of her choice

Hajra, a young woman, was brutally shot to death by her own father at the Karachi City Court for exercising her right to free will marriage in an unsettling incident.

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The victim, who lived in Orangi Town and was only 20 years old, had her basic human rights violated by her father, who tragically killed her for choosing a partner of her own choice.

Two other people, including a police officer, were injured in the tragic incident as well.

The victim had gone to the court to give her statement, according to the police report, when her father, Ameer Khan, opened fire on her.

From the scene of the crime, the suspect, who had brought a gun into the courthouse through Gate 4, was immediately detained.

After discovering that the father had filed a First Information Report (FIR) of kidnapping, an investigation led to the recovery of Hajra and the arrest of her husband, Jawad, by Boat Basin Police.

The duty officer at Gate 4 has been suspended by the police for carelessness, and additional investigations are underway.

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