DHA’s alleged cop killer claims he fired in self-defence

Khurram Nisar, the man whom Karachi police are hunting for allegedly killing a Shaheen Force officer before fleeing abroad, has claimed that he committed the deed in self-defence thinking that the policeman was a kidnapper in disguise.

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In a video posted online on Friday, Nisar identified himself in the video and sought to clarify what had happened between the night of Monday and Tuesday in Karachi’s upscale Defence Housing Authority (DHA).

“I want to clarify something in the Defence Phase V firing case,” he began.

Nisar stated that he was accused of carrying a gun and of kidnapping someone.

“Was a firearm visible to them (police patrol) that they suspected that I had a gun in the car,” Nisar asked, contending that there was no cogent reason for a police patrol to pull him over.

He added that police accused him of forcing someone into his car at gunpoint at Boating Basin.

“I never went to Boat Basin. There are 100-150 cameras installed there, if there is even one picture of mine passing through there, they should show it,” he said.

Nisar contended that it was not the job of a Shaheen Force officer to intercept and stop him.

“Even if he stopped me, he was not in proper police uniform,” he argued.

Nisar continued that when when the officer stopped him, he already had his gun in his hand and directed to open the car door.

“He then tried to yank the door open,” he said.


“I still rolled down my windows slightly and asked who he was,” Nisar claimed, adding that the officer then introduced himself as a police officer.

Nisar said that he asked to see identification of the cop but he only pointed to his uniform and said: “Can’t you see that I am a police officer”.

At this Nisar claimed that these days, and even for a few years, you can easily buy a police officer’s uniform.

“I told him that if you do not show your police card, I will not consider you a police officer,” he said.

Nisar went on to say that the officer tried to shoot him but his gun jammed.

“This caused me to drive away but then stop a short distance later and I pulled out with my licenced gun, which was in the car.”

Nisar pointed to the video that the police officers recorded and later appeared on the media.

“I tried to film them too but my video was not recorded properly.”

Nisar said that in the video, he could be heard asking the cops to either call a police van or to go that he would follow them to the police station.

“The police officers were reluctant to go to the police station,” he said, adding that ultimately they did agree to go to a police station which would confirm that the officer was truly a police employee.

But on the way to the police station, Nisar claimed that the officer changed his mind and said that he did not want to go to the police station and rather wanted to go some place else.

“I stopped the car and started to take a U-turn. But he grabbed the steering wheel and put the car in neutral, stopping the vehicle,” Nisar said, adding that he then jumped out of the car with gun in hand.

“The officer said that they will do whatever it takes but will take me to a different location and threatened me with dire consequences if I do not comply,” Nisar claimed.

“I got scared and said I will not go where the officer wanted to take me and that since we had agreed on going to the police station, let us go there,” he said.

Nisar then claimed that the cop allegedly got back into the front seat of the car and attempted to shoot him.

“But his gun did not fire and I tried to grab his arm.”

“He got out of the car and tried to engage me in idle conversation all the while trying to fix his gun with his thumb and then tried to shoot me again,” Nisar claimed adding that at this point he shot the cop in self -defence.

“I had no intention of killing him, i just wanted to protect my life,” Nisar claimed, adding, “If I wanted to just kill him, I would have shot him in the beginning they way he came without a uniform.”

He added that he has had his licenced gun for 18 years but never used it.

“If I had a criminal record it would have surfaced by now.”

Meanwhile, the police continue to trace Nisar’s whereabouts apart from questioning his family.

They are also seeking a red warrant so as to have him arrested through interpol.

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