Fawad claims Nawaz running country via proxy from London

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Fawad made the claim at a news conference alongside PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s Chief of Staff, Shahbaz Gill. He said that Gill, Azam Swati, himself, and Sheikh Rasheed were all arrested, suggesting that the government was arresting opposition party leaders to harass them.

He stated that PTI leader Shandana Gulzar has also been charged with treason.

According to the leader of the PTI, the nation has been confronted with terrorism and inflation simultaneously.

Khawaja Asif claims that Imran Khan brought back terrorism. Since our government was in charge of terrorism, there were no bombings during the PTI era, he claimed.

Fawad claimed that the current government’s weakness was to blame for the country’s resurgence in terrorism over the past nine months.

The senior leader of the PTI commented on the Afghan Taliban’s interim government in Kabul and stated that former prime minister Imran Khan understands Afghanistan’s affairs better than the current government of the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM).

According to Fawad, Imran Khan has always stressed that war was not the answer.

He said that Bilawal Bhutto Zardari had visited the United States more than 17 times during his brief time in power, but that he had only visited Kabul once. He was criticizing the foreign minister.

He asserted that Shahbaz Sharif never convened a single meeting regarding Afghanistan.

According to the former federal information minister, Nawaz Sharif has been in charge of the country’s affairs from London.

He asserted that the current government has been managing the country and PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s political actions with muddled policies and has failed to do so.

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