Governor’s de-notification will not remove Parvez Elahi as Punjab’s chief minister: Sibtain Khan

As the Punjab Governor Balighur Rehman gears up to possibly de-notify Chief Minister Parvez Elahi, the provincial assembly Speaker Sibtain Khan on Wednesday stated that such a step would not dislodge the provincial chief executive from his post and then issue an advise to dissolve the provincial assembly.

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he warned Punjab Governor Baligur Rehman against de-notifying Elahi as the chief minister.

Sibtain Khan said if the governor takes that step, he would write to President Dr Arif Alvi who would then oust Balighur Rehman from Governor House in Lahore.

Speaker ruling is protected constitutionally

The provincial assembly speaker continued that in his opinion, the Governor has no constitutional right to reject the ruling of a speaker.

“Speaker is constitutionally protected,” he stressed.

Pervez Elahi to remain CM tomorrow even without VONM

On de-notifying the chief minister, Sibain said that as per the Constitution, Elahi will remain as the chief executive of the province, despite any unconstitutional move of the governor to de-notify him.

Political circus

Sibtain further advised politicians – both in the province and in the center to refrain from taking such steps where everyone spent more time in pushing each other out of their constitutional offices while making a mockery and circus of the politics in the legislative and executive branches.

On the vote of no confidence or vote of confidence, Sibtain said that the provincial chief executive would surely face them as per the Constitution.

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