In southern California, multiple people are killed and injured by fire.

According to US media, citing law enforcement, police were at the scene of a shooting in southern California that resulted in a number of casualties, including deaths.

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In Monterey Park, which is approximately eight miles (13 kilometers) east of downtown Los Angeles, there were few details and no immediate police confirmation.

There are a lot of people of Asian descent who live in the area.

According to a police source, there were “multiple” victims, as reported by the Los Angeles Times.

The newspaper was informed by a law enforcement source that there were more than a dozen casualties.

According to authorities, the incident resulted in both deaths and injuries, according to City News Service, a reputable local newswire. It did not charge.

According to the agency, it occurred about an hour after a Lunar New Year’s Festival ended.

M. McClendon, a female sheriff’s deputy, told City News Service, “It is an isolated incident.”

According to the LA Times, the proprietor of a seafood barbecue restaurant near the scene, Seung Won Choi, said that three people had entered his establishment and instructed him to lock the door.

Choi told the paper that the three said there was a man with a semiautomatic gun who had a lot of ammunition on him and would reload whenever he ran out.

The Lunar New Year celebration, which lasts for two days and is one of the largest in southern California, was attended by tens of thousands of people earlier in the day, according to The Times.

Journalists from the AFP who were at the scene overnight reported that there was a significant police presence, areas were taped off, and helicopters flew overhead.

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