Islamabad, Karachi under high security alert after Peshawar Police Lines blast

Strict security measures have been taken in Islamabad on Tuesday following the Peshawar Police Lines suicide blast that occurred on Monday.

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Special precautions have been taken at key sensitive buildings like the President House, Prime Minister House, and Parliament building, among others, according to security sources. Islamabad has been placed on a high-security alert.

In addition, high levels of security were increased at each of the capital’s entry points.

At every location, the snipers have been deployed. When traveling, individuals are instructed to carry essential documents and identity cards.

These safety precautions were taken to prevent and deal with any malicious activity.

In the meantime, the Sindh Police Inspector General (IG) has also instructed officials to conduct snap checks and patrols in Karachi.

In a suicide attack on Monday at the Police Lines mosque in Peshawar, at least 83 people were killed and over 157 were injured, including 27 officers and other police officials.

Shehbaz Sharif, Pakistan’s prime minister, characterized the alleged suicide bombing in Peshawar as an attack on Pakistan and stated that terrorism posed Pakistan’s greatest threat to national security.

During a meeting with the attack’s survivors at the Lady Reading Hospital in Peshawar, he made these remarks.

PM Shehbaz stated that all terrorists and their intermediaries involved in attacks on innocent citizens will be punished and that such cowardly terror attacks will not weaken the nation’s resolve.

He added that Muslims could not be those who had killed worshippers.

He made a remark, “Criminals behind the terror attack will not be absolved by Allah,” as he pledged to eliminate terrorists.

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