Justice Qazi Faez Isa opens up about his viral video

Supreme Court judge Justice Qazi Faez Isa has clarified that his viral video - in which he could be seen venting anger at the traffic obstructions and blockades in Islamabad - was filmed without his permission.

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In a letter issued by the senior jurist, he said that while commuting to office in the morning of November 8; he witnessed that several motorists were stuck in traffic on Constitutional Avenue due to protocol of President Dr Arif Alvi.

Justice Isa stated that while commuting to work, he doesn’t wear the court dress neither guards on his security wear uniforms.

The jurist said that due to the president’s protocol, several motorists were stuck in traffic, adding that free movement is the fundamental right of every citizen.

Then in the evening of the same day, he said that he was routinely walking back home after duty when he saw that one side of the same road was once again blocked due to a protest by dozens of civil servants.

Justice Isa noted that the open side of the road was converted into one way but that too was clustered due to wrong parking of vehicles owned by the protesters and police.

He said that after seeing this, he – as a common citizen – inquired about obstructions on the road from Islamabad police operations DIG and deputy commissioner (DC).

Justice Isa recalled that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) also strictly prohibited closure of routes and discouraged protocol.

He regretted that the Sunnah was being implemented in foreign countries but not in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.


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