Lahore DEA bans mobile phone use for students, teachers during school hours

The Punjab School Education Department on Saturday made it compulsory for all schools to submit certificate from each school head that school is completely ‘drug free’ apart from introducing stringent measures for students and teachers.

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All public and private schools were instructed by the notification to strictly adhere to the new instructions.

Drug controller will visit schools Punjab has decided to appoint drug controllers for each school in an effort to combat drug use in schools. A drug-free school environment will be checked and ensured by these controllers.

The move follows the incident at a school in Lahore in which a girl was pinned to the ground and then beaten by her classmates due to an alleged leak of drug use video to one of the attackers’ parents.

The notification stipulates that the school must prominently display the controller’s name.

Students and teachers are prohibited from using mobile phones; additionally, the new regulations require each school’s administration to ensure that no student possesses a mobile phone during school hours.

Additionally, teachers were instructed not to use mobile phones in the classroom.

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