Malir Court of KarachiBanned Use of Bugles Horns on Independence Day

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Karachi Ban on playing and buying selling of bugles on Independence Day, the Malir Court of Karachi has ordered action against those disturbing the people by blowing bugles on August 14. Details According to Shahr Quaid, the local court of Karachi imposed a ban on playing bugles and buying and selling  on the occasion of Independence Day.

In Karachi Malir Court, Judicial Magistrate Syed Anwar Ali Shah has ordered the SHO Sharif Goth and Sachal to take action against the bugles  players and sellers regarding the use and sale of bugles on the occasion of Independence Day. During the hearing held on Tuesday, the court remarked that on the occasion of Independence Day, the people are disturbed by making bugles horn, action should be taken against the those blowing bugles horn and the court should be informed.

On the other hand, it has been informed that on the occasion of Independence Day, government employees will get an additional holiday along with weekly holidays. Government employees who got 3 holidays at the end of last month are now likely to get 3 holidays again. State Bank has issued a public holiday announcement. According to the announcement issued by the State Bank of Pakistan, August 14 will be a public holiday due to which the State Bank will remain closed.

Due to the closure of the Central Bank of Pakistan, all banks will also be closed, it should be noted that there is a public holiday across the country on August 14 on the occasion of Independence Day.

All banks will open as usual for customers on Tuesday, August 15. Federal employees have a public holiday on Saturday and Sunday, with Independence Day on Monday, government employees will enjoy three days off.

Government employees in the regions of the country where public servants take a holiday on Saturday and Sunday will also have a holiday on Monday, August 14. The federal government has not yet announced the holiday of August 14. A formal notification of public holiday on August 14 will be issued by the government.

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