Modern Issues on Environment

Environment can be defined as yours “surrounding”.

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Surrounding then how effects plants, animal and human. Surrounding consist of major two components biotic and abiotic components. Biotic components include human and animals and abiotic components includes physical objects. Environment is derived from French word “environner” means to “encircle or surround”. Etymological meaning of word environment is “to surround”.

Environment is the representative of physical components of the earth where in man is an important factor affecting the environment.”


“Environment as an aggregate of all those external conditions and effects which regulate life and development of organisms.”

(Sir E.J Ross)

Environment is sum of total water, air and land interrelationship among themselves and also with human being and with other living species.”

Issues of environment increasing day-by-day due to unethical and frivolous activities of human being. Human beings are only component of environment who can control it and who can manipulate it. Environment provided by nature but savior of environment are human beings. Component of environment that make it favorable for living is normal temperature, suitable concentration of gases and availability of water. Little negligence of human being can turn nature into place like hell. Human being as a noblest of all creation able to make environment favorable for other living creatures and for himself.

A context from “Earth in the balance”

“Human civilization is now the dominant cause of change in the global environment.”


Modern issues of environment are pollution, global warming, overpopulation, natural resource depletion, plastic pollution floods and forest fire. Pollution can be of different types it might be water pollution, air pollution and also land pollution. Global warming is increase in temperature of earth’s surface. Overpopulation is condition in which human being increased irrespective of   carrying capacity of particular area. Overpopulation and depletion of natural resources directly dependent on each other. Using plastic items for different purposes increase plastic pollution. Flood is overflow of water that submerge the land. It maybe due to overflow of water bodies like river or maybe due to accumulation of rainfall water on water grounds. Forest fire or wild fire is most devastating disaster of environment that destroy the nature by destroy second controller of environment plants. Wild fire is uncontrolled and unpredictable fire in vegetation land originating from rural areas. Most of controlled burns turned into uncontrolled fire and cause wildfire.

Environmental issues can be overcome by describing catastrophic effects of environmental issues. Environmental issues indirectly effects because human directly effects environment. Pamphlet writing arranging seminar to be aware people to avoid such activities that cause irreversible changes in environment. Innovative ideas reliable to control more environmental issues. Never confused of innovative these ideas no technology based and technology bounded.  We should enforce laws that deal with pollution. Government also play role in this contribution. In other ways funding allowed to universities that they find new ways on to reduce industrial waste or making it less toxic to environment. Global warming second important and modern issue of environment. Human being can also reduce it by planting trees, reducing use of automobiles and other heat emitting objects reduce global warming most devastating factor of environment. Family planning and one child legislation key to reduce over population. Over population and depletion inseparable components. Making efforts to reduce overpopulation decrease depletion of natural resources used by increased number of human beings. As we know that plastic is non-bio renewable in nature. Single key to reduce plastic pollution is to reduce its usage or creating way to dump it or recycle the plastic products. Flood relief methods collectively methods to reduce evil effects of flood. Though building hard structure like flood walls and dams can control excessive flood water. Most useful method to reduce flood and using it as lucratively for human being to produce electricity is production of dams. For reduction risks of wildfire first of all made fire policies that enables to reduce risk of moving fire towards plants. Wildlife fire use (WFU) techniques includes in wildfire prevention. Not use any kind of liquid to control fire instead use sand to control it.

Not only described modern issues there are some other issues of environment also present is world. Like solid waste management, deforestation and loss of biodiversity.

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