Organized gang running prostitution ring in Balochistan hospital, claims whistle blower

An organized gang has been running a prostitution ring in the Sheikh Zayed Hospital in Quetta.

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Balochistan Chief Minister Abdul Quddus Bizenjo has taken note of the incident and has directed the relevant authorities to investigate.

The matter came to light after a nurse blew the whistle on the repeated incidents of sexual harassment.

A staff nurse at the hospital wrote to the provincial authorities and police claiming that “An organized gang was operating in the Sheikh Zayed hospital which forces nurses into prostitution.”

She claimed that if anyone dares to defy the gang, they are threatened by the gang members who are quite powerful.

“Those who comply, receive lucrative income and additional resources in the hospital,” she claimed.

Following the revelations, the Balochistan chief minister took notice of the matter and directed the relevant provincial authorities to launch an investigation against the gang.

The provincial authorities have asked the nurse to testify and provide names of the individuals involved.

She was promised strict security in exchange for her testimony leading to conviction.

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