Pakistan » Punjab Around 16,000 perpetrators of sexual crimes, gender-based violence at large in Punjab

Despite persistent rise in heinous crimes such as sexual assault and rape in Punjab, the police have failed to put nearly 16,000 perpetrators behind bars.

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Punjab Police Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Operations Waqas Nazir terms lack of resources as the primary reason for disappointing stats.

A report has revealed that in 2022, 15,972 suspects involved in heinous crimes such as rape, kidnapping and torture of women, children and transgender persons are still are large.

Shocking statistics disclosed that of 18,118 registered cases of sexual assault, less than half – 7,391 – suspects were arrested.

Apart from this, 11,193 cases of child assault had been registered in the province during the outgoing year. The police managed to put only 5,236 suspects behind the bars.

According to the report, nine suspects involved in the rape of transgender persons are roaming freely.

Subsequently, Punjab Police claim that important measures are being taken to serve justice to victims of such henious crimes.

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