Pakistani short film ‘Noor’ wins at Cannes World Film Festival

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After Pakistan’s controversial film ‘Joyland‘, another film ‘Noor’ stole the show at Cannes World Film Festival.

Pakistani short film ‘Noor’, directed by Umar Adil, won the award for the best health-related film at the online edition of the Cannes World Film Festival in January.

Actor Sarwat Gilani took to Instagram on Wednesday to share the news in a post which she captioned, “We won!” tagging her whole team. The Cannes World Film Festival announced winners for its January online edition on Monday.

Adil shared that the film is based on stereotypes associated with weak eyesight and wearing glasses. He said the film causally sheds light on the impact these stereotypes have on children and shows how this pressure affects their personality.

Adil said it is a very sweet story based through the lens of a girl, Noor, who is a very good student but faces some problems when her eyesight starts to fail.

The film is about the stigma associated with wearing glasses, such as one not being encouraged to wear them as they would “look old”.

The cast of the film includes child star Tanisha Shameem, Sarwat Gilani, Omair Rana, Mizna Waqas and Tasneem Ansari, among others.

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