PSX continues positive momentum, rises by 156.55 points

Strengthens to42,203.91 points during trading in early morning session

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After climbing the 42,000 psychological barrier, the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) continued an optimistic trend on Tuesday as the KSE-100 index saw its points going up to 42,203.91.

As the morning bell rang, the KSE-100 index rose to 42,101.68 from the previously closed points of 42,047.36.

However, since the beginning of the session, the index has gone to the highest at 42,233.99 points and still managed to maintain the trend.

So far, the top contributor to the index included the Cement sector, up by 20.29 points.

While, the highest change was observed in Oil and Gas Exploration Companies which improved by 0.44%.

The volume leader, however, is Dewan Farooque Motors Limited(DFML), which saw a positive change of 0.70% in its share price.

The positive momentum is due to the revived confidence of the investors after Pakistan announced financial packages from China, Saudi Arabia and now the World Bank.

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