PTI all set to march on Islamabad for Haqeeqi Azadi

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) finalized preparations for its Haqeeqi Azadi March which would begin from Liberty Chowk, Lahore on Friday (today).

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The party under the leadership of Imran Khan will start its long march at 11am from Liberty Chowk where the PTI leaders and supporters have already started gathering.


It will take the PTI’s march almost a week to reach its destination as it will arrive at Islamabad on November 4.

A special container, which has been prepared for Imran Khan, has arrived at Liberty Chowk.

The five-seater container will be used by the PTI chief and senior PTI leadership.

Party chief Imran Khan is likely to address the rally before its start.

By the end of the day, the marchers would reach Shahdara. In the second phase, the long march would reach Gujranwala.

While in the third phase, the marchers would reach Gujarat via Sialkot. The long march convoys from Karachi and Quetta would leave for Islamabad on Friday, while the convoys from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, South Punjab and Multan would depart for Islamabad on Wednesday.

Long march is not to conquer anyone: Asad Umar

The party’s long march is not to conquer anyone, adding that elections were the only option, Secretary General PTI Asad Umar said while speaking to the media ahead of the long march.

“Our demand is not to restore PTI’s government and make Imran Khan the prime minister. We believe that the country is facing an economic, social and political crisis which can be resolved through elections.”

Govt warns PTI against violating the law

The federal government has warned that no political party can be allowed to destabilize the state through a long march, while any deviation from the conduct enshrined in the constitution will not be allowed.

In a notification issued by the Federal Interior Ministry on Thursday evening, it further directed that civil servants and government officials cannot become part of the protest.

“No political party can therefore be allowed to destabilize the state through forceful measures like a long march,” the notice said.

It first reminded all provinces and regions of the “importance of adhering to the constitution and laws of the land by all concerned.”

“It is therefore imperative that federal and provincial governments should act in unison and follow the constitutional provisions,” it added.

The interior ministry referred to articles 148 (1) and Article 149(4) of the constitution.

‘Purpose of the march was not to topple the government’

Earlier, Imran Khan clarified that the purpose of the march was not to topple the government or establish a new government.

“We need a country that can devise policies without any external pressure,” he said, claiming that the movement has gathered enough steam to be unstoppable and any attempts to slam the brakes on this time could prove counterproductive.

“The movement cannot be stopped until we get real independence.”

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