PTI Lahore wing unveils long march plans

With former prime minister Imran Khan and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan calling on his supporters and especially party workers to join his long march onto the federal capital from Friday, its district heads have started detailing the practical plan for the march.

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In a video posted by PTI Lahore President Sheikh Imtiaz Mehmood on Wednesday, raised the curtain on the initial strategy of the long march.

Displaying the specially crafted container, he said that the march was likely to embark from Lahore’s Liberty area towards Shahdara in line with Imran’s announcement.

Even though Imran had previously claimed that only he had substantial knowledge about the exact long march plan, the party’s Lahore wing released a video in which Mehmood seemed to have firm grasp over intricate details of the plan.

He urged the public to attend the long march and assembled at Liberty Roundabout at around 11am.

Mehmood detailed that the march would commence with a rousing speech from PTI chairman Imran Khan.

However, he added that the march would reach its climax at Shahdara.

Mehmood further said, “this Friday people have to just attend the long march in Lahore and go back to their homes. However, next Friday, they will have to travel along with the party’s chairman to Islamabad.”



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