Social media platform X (Twitter) has developed a new privacy policy,

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Social media platform X (Twitter) has developed a new privacy policy, effective September 29, 2023.
The Elon Musk-owned social media platform’s new privacy policy doesn’t bode well for users’ privacy.
The company has named it the X-Privacy Policy, which has also been released online.
Social networking website and app ‘X’, formerly known as Twitter, has updated its privacy policy to announce the collection of users’ biometric data.
Users signing up to X Premium, X’s subscription service, can also choose to provide their selfie and photo ID for verification.
The policy also states that ‘X’ may also ask you for information about employment and educational qualifications.
According to reports, Twitter also plans to provide people with jobs, for which X Corp acquired a technology recruitment service called Laskey in May. It will be the company’s first foray into jobs since Elon Musk bought Twitter for $44bn (£34.7bn) last year.
The new privacy policy will be effective from September 29.
“We collect personal information about you (such as your employment history, history of educational credentials, employment preferences, skills and other qualifications and activities such as job searching),” X said in the reports. And can use.
Liberty Wettert, a professor of the practice of data science at Washington University in St. Louis, says X’s move is to create “more targeted and personalized experiences for consumers” and compete with platforms like LinkedIn. It’s an effort.
Dr. Stephanie Hare, who researches the ethical aspects of technology, says the data collection is a huge undertaking, but she doesn’t believe the move is troubling from a civil liberties perspective.
According to X, the term biometric data covers data related to a person’s physical characteristics such as facial scans or fingerprints.
“X will offer the option to provide an official ID card, which will include a selfie to ensure proper authentication,” a company spokesperson told the British news agency.
He said, ‘Biometric data can be obtained from both official ID cards and selfie images. It will also help in opening the account of a real person by following the identity card issued by the government. This will also help X fight counterfeiting attempts and make the platform more secure.
Musk has also reiterated X’s plans to allow users to make video and audio calls. The feature works on iOS, Android, Mac and PC and will not require a phone number, he said.
They claimed that X would be an efficient calling platform. However, they did not say when the new calling feature will be available.

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