Street robbers ‘snatch’ 11-day old infant in Karachi’s Baldia colony

With the city suffering from a resurgence of street crimes, the latest incident saw street robbers snatch an 11-day-old infant from its mother and drive away in Karachi’s Baldia Colony on Tuesday.

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Shahid, the father of the the infant said that his wife had given birth to their daughter Sidra around 11 days ago.

He said that on Tuesday, his wife was traveling to the doctor via public transport for Sidra’s check up.

As he disembarked from the bus, street criminals pounced.

Two men, riding on a bike drove up to Sidra’s mother and snatched her bag.

Unbeknownst to them, Sidra’s mother had placed the infant in the baby bag in hopes of keeping her wam.

Madina Colony police said that they have started investigating the case.

The Madina Colony SHO said that they are reviewing video captured by closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras installed in the area to track where the robbers came from and in which direction did they head off in to trace them.

He said that initial investigations suggested that this was a case of street crime – snatching – not kidnapping.

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