The Government of AJK must increase the slots of FCPS trainee for induction in Fellowship

The Government of AJK must increase the slots of FCPS trainee for induction in Fellowship Program to reduce the miseries of residents and to increase number of specialist doctors in the State.

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The Government of AJK must increase the slots of trainee for induction in Fellowship Program to reduce the miseries of residents and enhance their training and ethics of who are doing FCPS. The President CPSP addressed during his visit; on Sunday visited AJMC on December 22,2023 in PC Muzaffarabad with a delegation from College of Physicians and Surgeon Pakistan (CPSP). He said that the province required more specialist doctors to cope with the needs of patients in different specialties.

Prof Shaib Shafi, President CPSP displayed his gratitude towards everyone attending the program considering the harsh weather. His advice to every supervisor present at the dinner was to improve the training and ethics of their trainee who are doing FCPS. He further said that if Government of AJK nominate the land for regional Centre, the CPSP will built an independent office here in Muzaffarabad, to help the fellows all over the AJK. He expressed these

reservations in a seminar organized for the improvement of Fellows. He continued forward by highlighting that CPSP is considered as one of the best postgraduate institutions in the world as per the survey in 2013 and has been awarded the ‘Socrates Award’.”

He advised the supervisors to improve the quality of their trainees. He said there are 388 Accriditated Institutes (304 in Pakistan and 84 are overseas); 5,355 (Pakistan 5,163 & overseas 192) are approved supervisors, 31,987 (31674 from Pak and 313 from abroad) are registered trainees.

CPSP is preparing specialists in about 80 specialties. CPSP is conducting two specialties in 35 areas including Breast surgery and Cardiothorasic anaesthesia. There are also 33 areas where still MCPS is being issued. He gave the future vision of CPSP starting fellowships in Robotic Surgery, HBP/liver Transplant Surgery, Colo-Rectal Surgery, Urogynecology, Interventional radiology, Interventional cardiology, Pediatrics Urology and Fellowships after FCPS Gastroenterology.

Prof Shoaib Shafee stressed on the initiation of Emergency medicine and critical care medicine in Muzaffarabad. He advised the health department of Azad Jammu and Kashmir to increase the paid slots of all FCPS-I students up to 270 for Kashmir. He said CPSP believes in meaningful in-training and end-of-training assessment:

Prof Khalid Masood Gondal, Vice President CPSP, addressed the fellows in PC Muzaffarabad and showed a documentary about the achievements of CPSP. Prof Gondal said, “CPSP has become a prestigious institution in the world and now an office is working in Birmingham; UK which is helping Pakistanis who go there to appear in examination.”

It was established in 1950 by Gen Burkey, and there are 33,731 fellows and 11,545 members a total of 45,276 specialists till 2022.

He then also admired the work of Prof Sultan Farooqi and Prof Zafar Ullah

Chaodhry. CPSP is providing structured training programs all over Pakistan during the training of all specialities and introducing many new sub-specialities.

Due to its credibility, FCPS degrees are recognized in the world.

Maj Gen Mazhar Ishaq thanked the hosts for this wonderful meeting and hospitality of highest standards. Insha Allah this council will try to come to your expectations and fulfill all your demands. Prof Mazhar then explained how they are running many international postgraduate programs.

Prof Jehangir Khan said that CPSP is considered among some of the best colleges of the world.

Dr Maryiam Zubair started the program with recitation of the Holy Quran by Dr Ibrar Shah.

The regional director AJK, Prof Tahir welcomed the guests and presented the report. He also demanded building of a regional center in MZD, and allocation of one councillor ship for Kashmir, a population of more than 45 million.

Prof Mulazim Hussain Búkhàrï; Principal AJKMC, appreciated the services of the faculty members of AJKMC for the cause of medical education. He said the faculty of AJKMC is dedicated and hardworking.

They have put their hearts into improving the quality of Medical education which is based on our integrated modular curriculum and structured training in our affiliated two hospitals AIMS, SKBZ CMH. He said that our students are making records in the world by securing positions in international postgraduates programs and their success is due to the discipline and dedication which are taught as the most essential elements for achieving excellence at AJKMC. Prof Bukhari further promised to provide a space in AJKMC for a regional center.

Prof Abdul Khalid, Prof Adnan Miraj, Prof Shaukat Hayat, Prof Ziyad Kiyani said, “AJKMC/AIMS/SKBZ-CMH are providing quality education to the undergraduate students and structured training to postgraduate fellows.

Prof Ziyad Afzal Kiyani stressed on the need for implementing a continuous workplace-based formative assessment system in our training programs to improve the quality of trainees being conducted in our setup.

The delegation was comprised of Professor Prof Shoaib Shafee, President CPSP, Prof Khalid Masood Gondal President CPSP, Prof Jehangir Khan, Gen, Prof Farrukh Saeed, Maj Gen Prof Mazhar Ishaq, A large no of fellows from AJKMC, CMS, AIMS and all other affiliated hospitals of Muzaffarabad. Senior journalists, electronic and print media personals also participated in this seminar. At the end, the CPSP president, Vice president and CPSP councilors gave answers from the fellows and accepted their positive suggestions to improve the CPSP future training qualities.

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