The Naqeebullah case: Seven fugitives are targeted by arrest warrants issued by ATC.

On Tuesday, Karachi's anti-terrorism court (ATC) issued a written order acquitting 18 people in the Naqibullah Mehsud murder case, including former Malir SSP Rao Anwar.

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In addition, seven fugitives, including Amanullah Marwat, Gada Hussain, Mohsen Abbas, Sadaqat Hussain Shah, Raja Shamim Mukhtar, Rana Riaz, and Shoaib, were the subjects of permanent arrest warrants issued by the court.

Benefit of doubt and a weak prosecution, as well as insufficient evidence, influenced the court’s decision to acquit the suspects.

The prosecution failed to prove its case, according to the court, and the accused received the benefit of the doubt; in accordance with universal and Islamic principles of justice.

Rao Anwar’s attorney argued that his client was involved in the case due to professional misconduct and that no witness had noticed that he was at the scene of the crime.

The court also noted that records indicated that Rao Anwar was in Malir Cantt at the time of the incident and that the police had not contacted businesses to inquire about his location.

The investigating officer then stated that no forensics were carried out on any of the accused’s mobile phones.

Despite the fact that the court freed 18 of the accused in the case, it issued permanent arrest warrants for seven fugitives.

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