Impact of climate change on aquatic life.

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Since with the start of 18th century to mid19th there is a huge change in environmental temperature. Due to global warming and of climate change. Along with climatic changer there is a huge contribution of anthropoganic activities in the raise of worldwide temperature. These changes not only hit the environmental changes but also effect the ocean life or aquatic life greatly.
In 2020 Scientists reported that ocean held the most heat ocean warming that is 450 percent more than (1955-1986).
As ocean waters warms it increase in volume that leads to the melting of ice sheets, glaciers. This combination increasing sea level by at least 0.3 meters (1feets) higher by 2100 at 2.5 meters. It will lead to inundate wet lands, buildings and roads.
Climate changes and human causing activities impact the oceans environment as over fishing, pollution, damming of rivers and habitat lost in coastal arears. Overall global yield from marine fisheries will declined due to climate changes remain unclear.
Calcareous plankton and coral are already suffering because of acidity. We also found growth reduction, sub-optional behaviors and reduce-immune competence of marine organisms are also result of thermal stress in climate change. Also due to higher water temperature several diseases showcase greater virulence in the sense that the marine species become less resistance to these disease due to stress. It directly acts upon the physiological behavior and growth patterns of organism, subsequently decrease reproductive capacity and finally cause mortality. Indirectly it altered the productivity, structures, function and composition of aquatic system. Most of the small scale fisheries locate at the lower latitude where climate change hit the most and decline primary productivity of fisheries sectors.
The raise of CO2 concentration temperature will also influence the atmospheric and dissolved CO2 and properties of various components of dissolved in organic carbon available for growth. Climate change may have also effect the efficiency with which marine plant use other resources such as N, Fe or 2n etc.
From this it is concluded that global warming will be continued if precautions are taken today. Since we do not have the chance to reverse the global warming and climate change phenomena the only thing that needs to be done to reduces or minimize the foreseen harms in the future.

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