Ukrainian flood rescuers risk perilous journeys across front line

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Ukraine: Ukrainian rescuers have been venturing into Russian-held areas despite shelling as they search for residents stranded by massive flooding from a destroyed dam.
“We continue to save our people. And this includes getting people from occupied territories,” a military press officer, Sergiy Sergeyev, told AFP.
“We know that there are Russian soldiers sitting on the roofs with no one to save them, but our priority is our people,” he added.
The Dnipro River in southern Ukraine has formed the front line between Russian and Ukrainian forces since Moscow’s troops pulled out of the city of Kherson in November.
Despite Russia’s retreat, the city has remained within reach of Moscow’s weaponry, constantly threatening residents.
Shelling has slowed as the flood has made mortars unusable, Sergeyev said, but “evacuations sometimes take place under rocket fire”.
The water has reached an average of 5.6 metres (18 feet) high, according to Ukrainian estimates, with 600 square kilometres of the Kherson region flooded.
“(The water) is two floors high, you can only survive on the roof,” said Laura Musiyan, an employee from the Kherson meteorological agency.
Russian authorities reported five dead, while there was at least one death on the Ukrainian side.

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