‘We are not stupid’: Maria B. enraged by Pakistani dramas promoting Joyland

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Maria Butt, more commonly referred to as Maria B., has frequently voiced her opposition to the transgender bill and the ways in which it undermines the intersex community’s rights in Pakistan.

She was also one of the celebrities who demanded that Saim Sadiq’s Joyland be banned because she believes it defies Pakistani and Islamic social values.

The fashion designer recently posted a screenshot from the drama serial Kuch Ankahi in which she spotted a movie poster to her Instagram story.

She wrote, “We also have dramas that subtly promote Joyland/transgenders.” We comprehend, so we are not stupid.

She went on to write, “We are selling our religious identity rather than attempting to save Pakistan.”

The fashion mogul stated, “Now transgender communities are taking over the rights of true intersex people” in an additional story. The injustice will continue to be fought.

Maria B has repeatedly stated that the transgender bill promotes LGBTQ agendas and exploits the intersex community, and she was the one who stood her ground when it was passed.

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