You should immediately install security safeguards on your phone.

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Android and iOS have taken steps to integrate security and safety features into their phones for users. Regardless of your phone’s operating system, you’ll find similar features available that prioritize user safety and offer Emergency mode for dangerous situations.

Outlined below are some of the features you should consider setting up in your phone’s settings:

Emergency SOS Mode

iOS offers an SOS feature that automatically contacts your emergency contacts when you’re in danger. Once set up, this feature can be activated by pressing and holding the side button and either volume key button. Alternatively, you can enable it by clicking the side button five times. When initiated, the emergency SOS slider appears on the screen, accompanied by a warning signal and countdown. You can bypass the countdown by dragging the Emergency SOS slider. Once the countdown ends, your iPhone contacts emergency services and your designated emergency contacts, sharing your location.

Android phones provide similar capabilities, where pressing the power button can trigger the SOS Emergency function. This feature automatically calls emergency services and your emergency contacts while sharing your location. It also allows you to include emergency information on your lock screen, accessible without unlocking your phone. This information could include crucial medical details, emergency contact numbers, or basic personal information. By swiping up on your lock screen, you can access Emergency Information, revealing the stored details.

Do Not Disturb while driving

For iOS users, the Driving Focus feature promotes driver concentration by muting or limiting notifications and text messages. In this mode, you can ask Siri to read received messages aloud. Incoming calls are only allowed when your phone is connected to car Bluetooth or a hands-free accessory. You can configure this feature through Settings, and it can also activate automatically by detecting phone motion.

Android offers a similar feature within its Wellbeing settings. This function aids productivity by pausing selected apps and silencing your phone. Its purpose is to give you a designated break from your phone during the day and is not solely designed for driving.

Find My Phone

Setting up the widely recognized Find My Phone feature is accessible through your phone’s settings. You can even share your device’s location with trusted friends and family. This feature can be accessed from any iOS device, including Apple Watch or AirPods. If you misplace your phone, you can prompt it to ring or display its location. Even if the phone is turned off, it can display the last known location before powering down.

A similar capability is available for Android devices, provided they are linked to a Google account and have an active internet connection. Location services and Google Play Visibility need to be enabled, and the app should be installed on both devices for phone tracking. In situations where your phone is irretrievable, you can still use this feature to remotely erase data or lock your device for added security.

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