After tragedy, PTI set to resume long march from Kamoke today

After an evening of tragedy that saw a female reporter lose her life while trying to cover the event, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) said that it is set to resume its long march to Islamabad from Kamoke later today.

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Punjab Government Spokesperson Musarrat Cheema announced early on Monday morning that the march demanding early elections and ‘true independence’ will keep on moving towards its destination.

The PTI long march was halted on Sunday evening near Kamoke after a television reporter Sadaf Naeem fell off Imran Khan’s container and was crushed to death.

In a tweet, however, Musarrat Cheema announced that the PTI’s march will resume from Kamoke.

Today, the march is expected to travel from Kamoke and reach Gujranwala via Mor Eminabad.



On resuming the long march, PTI chief Imran Khan shared a video from his official account on the social media platform Twitter. It showed a “sea of people” taking part in PTI’s march along the Grand Trunk Road (GT Road).

“I have been witnessing a revolution for the past six months sweeping the country. The only question is will it be a soft one through the ballot box or a destructive one through bloodshed,” he wrote.



Earlier, Imran near Sadhuki told the traveling crowd that his aim was to restore rule of law in Pakistan that currently there was a system of animals in vogue in the country.

He added that he wanted a system of justice of humans to prevail.

Earlier in the day as the march resumed in Muridke, Imran responded to the explosive revelations made by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif that secret interlocutors had been sent for negotiations.

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