Copying Punjab: New Sindh governor suggests adding contentious clause in marriage contracts

In a move that echoes a similar move in Punjab, the newly appointed Sindh Governor Kamran Tessori on Wednesday proposed amendments to the nikahnama, nikah form or marriage contract, between Muslim couples.

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In a letter to Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah, Tessori urged Shah to consider taking a step like the Punjab government to express its love and devotion towards Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and amend the existing nikahnama (nikah form/marriage certificate) to include a section for declaring the finality of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

The Sindh Governor further suggested that Khatman-e-Nububat (SAW) is a fundamental part of every Muslim’s faith and the Sindh chief minister ought to take the necessary steps in this regard.

Earlier this year, the Punjab assembly passed a resolution and included the declaration of the finality of prophethood in the marriage certificate.

In Punjab, around 2.23% of the 109 million population is counted as non-Muslim per the 2017 census. This is a population of around 2.45 million. A majority of these are Christian while a minuscule number of Hindus, Ahmadis and other scheduled castes and other religions such as Parsis.

In Sindh, non-Muslims make up a bigger chunk of the population of around 9.65% or around 4.6 million people. An overwhelming majority of these are Hindus followed by Christians, Ahmadis, scheduled castes and other religions including Parsis.

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