Cypher controversy: FIA summons Imran Khan on Dec 6

Former prime minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has been asked to appear before a team of investigators probing the alleged cypher controversy.

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This is the second notice sent to the PTI chief.

In the notice sent to Imran, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) said that an inquiry was launched following a complaint from the Federal Cabinet to inquire into an alleged conversation between Imran and his then-principal secretary Azam Khan and other close political associates to ‘play’ with the alleged cypher received from the Pakistan embassy in Washington.

The notice read that this is the second time Imran has been summoned and that he was asked to appear before the inquiry team once before on November 1, but he failed to appear.

Now, the FIA has requested Imran to appear before the inquiry team on Tuesday, December 6, at FIA’s headquarters in Sector G-9/4.

In October, the federal government had formed a committee of the federal cabinet to probe an alleged audio leak in which Imran claims they can ‘play’ with the cypher to create a scenario that benefits him politically.

Later, the committee recommended a detailed probe into the matter and the FIA was asked to conduct a formal inquiry.

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