Punjab to outsource security of Chinese nationals to private firms

In a bid to enhance their security, Punjab’s authorities have decided to introduce a mobile application that will allow close monitoring of Chinese nationals living in the country. Moreover it will look to outsource the security of Chinese nationals living in the province to private companies.

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The authorities of Punjab have made the decision to launch a mobile application that will enable close monitoring of Chinese nationals living in the country. This will be done in an effort to enhance their security. In addition, it will look into outsourcing the protection of Chinese residents of the province to private businesses.

The provincial home department and the Punjab Additional Secretary have begun implementing the plan to safeguard Punjab’s more than 8,000 Chinese residents.

According to Punjab’s Home Department, all security firms with category-A status will be chosen to protect Chinese residents in Punjab.

The provincial home department stated that the decision was made due to a lack of security resources and a police force.

App for digital security In addition, it has been decided to develop a security app for Chinese citizens living in Pakistan.

The digital security app will be developed by the federal government’s National Security Wing.

The sources claim that the digital app can be used to directly monitor Chinese residents.

According to sources, it was becoming quite difficult to guarantee the safety of the numerous Chinese nationals.

As a result, it was decided to create a cutting-edge digital application.

Additionally, the app will enable direct communication with the Chinese.

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