Student’s face painted black for speaking in Urdu at Karachi’s private school

A private school in Karachi has come under the spotlight after its teacher painted a student’s face with black ink for speaking in Urdu instead of English.

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According to reports, the incident occurred at a school in Block J of North Nazimabad.

The situation began when the teacher overheard the student conversing with her peers in Urdu rather than English.

The questionable teacher instructed other students to mock the female student for not speaking English.

To make matters worse, the victim’s father contacted the school administration, but they refused to help.

The father of the affected child claimed in a video message that has gone viral on social media that the teacher allegedly painted his daughter’s face black.

The incident has been brought to the attention of the Karachi Directorate of Private Schools, and the private school has been asked to respond.

To look into the issue, a committee with five members has been established.

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