Three “Razzies” nominations for Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks was left shaken on Monday when he received three nominations from the Razzies, which "celebrate" the year's worst films. His hit movie Elvis is a front-runner for the Oscars.

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For his roles as Geppetto in Disney’s critically acclaimed live-action Pinocchio remake and Presley’s manager in the rock’n’roll biopic Elvis, Hanks was shortlisted for the tongue-in-cheek awards.

Hanks’ Elvis role was dubbed “2022’s most widely derided performance” in a Razzies press release, and “Tom Hanks & His Latex-Laden Face (and Ludicrous Accent)” received an additional nomination for “worst screen couple.”

Hanks’ performance as Elvis Presley’s exploitative manager Colonel Tom Parker was derided by numerous critics, despite the fact that Elvis and its star Austin Butler have generally received praise.

Hanks portrays Parker as “part small-time grifter, part full-blown Mephistopheles,” according to a New York Times review. Hanks appears “with a mountain of prosthetic goo, a bizarre accent, and a yes-it’s-really-me twinkle in his eyes,” the review said.

The controversial Marilyn Monroe biopic Blonde was one of five “worst picture” nominees for the annual Golden Raspberry, or Razzie, awards.

Regular Razzies punching bag Jared Leto and his Spider-Man spinoff Morbius were also in the running.

Leto’s flamboyant performance in “House of Gucci,” complete with a campy Italian accent and heavy prosthetics, earned him the title of worst supporting actor just last year.

The Razzies are typically announced the day before the Oscars to mock the Oscars’ self-congratulatory backslapping the following night.

However, the Razzies themselves were embarrassed last year when they jokingly created a new category called “Worst Performance by Bruce Willis in a 2021 Movie” to include all of the questionable work that the former Die Hard star had done.

After Willis’ family discovered that he suffered from a cognitive disorder known as aphasia, the prize was canceled by the organizers.

On Tuesday, the Academy Awards nominees will be announced.

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