US-Pakistani diaspora stress enhancing bilateral collaborations

United States on Tuesday emphasized that they consider the US-Pakistani diaspora a key partner in the humanitarian, social, and commercial sectors in Pakistan.

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He said this while addressing the US-Pakistani diaspora at a conference held in Islamabad on Tuesday.

The US embassy in Islamabad, through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and in close collaboration with the US-Pakistani diaspora, hosted a one-day US-Pakistani Diaspora Engagement Conference in Islamabad.

The conference showcased key contributions and investments by the both countries diaspora in the humanitarian, social, and commercial sectors, and explored avenues for future joint engagements.

Prime Minister’s Ambassador at Large for Investments Zeeshan Shah spoke at the closing session.

USAID signs two MoUs

At the closing session, USAID signed two partnership memoranda of understanding (MoU) with US-Pakistani diaspora entities.

One of the accords was with Datarocx to set up digital centers in Pakistan in the Special Technology Zones and the other with Global Semiconductor Group for Pakistan Katalytic Fund to improve access to growth capital for established businesses in the technology sector.

“The conference was an opportunity to highlight some of the contributions and investments already made by the Pakistani diaspora, facilitate collaborations between Pakistani diaspora entities, and develop a road map for collective action to address the current humanitarian and social challenges in Pakistan,” USAID Mission Director Reed Aeschliman said.

US Embassy Chargé d’Affaires Andrew Schofer highlighted the long history of US and Pakistan working together to advance Pakistan’s economic growth and to solve development challenges.

He also highlighted opportunities for future partnership.

“As the Green Revolution improved lives in the past, a ‘Green Alliance’ between the United States and Pakistan will help us jointly strengthen climate resilience, develop clean energy alternatives, and foster economic growth.”

The US remains firmly committed to engaging and partnering with the US-Pakistani diaspora to address Pakistan’s challenges in the humanitarian, social and commercial sectors and to further Pakistan’s development goals.

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